Bill Asprey: Cartoonist

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Love Is …

In 1975 I was picked by the creator, Kim Casali and her husband Roberto to take on writing and drawing the daily panels for her. Tragically, Roberto passed away in 1976 and Kim in June 1997 after a long battle with illness. Her eldest son Stefano inherited her legacy and I work closely with him continuing to do the daily cartoons

Freddy, Freida and Friends

Many years ago, my wife was given a little kitten and a puppy as a present. They grew up together in our house. She adored them and they gave her so much happiness during her lifetime. Those memories have come alive on my drawing board, and now these two cute little characters seem to be taking over my life, all over again!

Roald Dahl’s The Big Friendly Giant

Bill Asprey adapted The BFG into a comic strip from Roald Dahl’s best selling book, The Big Friendly Giant, in 1986, for the UK’s Mail on Sunday comics section. Journalist Brian Lee came up with the idea and scripted the comic based on Roald Dahl’s original book, but after running out of book, Brian brilliantly invented themes and storylines in the style of Roald Dahl, which the author agreed to before he died. The comic strip ran in the Mail on Sunday cartoon supplement.


A chance meeting at a party in a friend’s flat in London brought me and American Physicist Professor Edgar Edelsack together. The two of us hit it off straight away and before very long Moebius came into being!

The comic strip centres around the constant childlike questioning of Moebius, a quaint creature born out of a Moebius strip, science buffs will know what that is…the rest of you will have to go and look it up, and the informative and zany answers of his alter ego, Professor Cranius. Throw in the gorgeous Sarah Bellum…get it?…and Robert the dog and you have a recipe guaranteed to delight and inform!

Oh Aphrodite!

Drawing under my Nom-de-plume “Leon”, I originally created Aphrodite for “Tit-Bits” a UK weekly magazine and, like many famous women, She’s had a chequered and colourful career!

Following publication every week in Tit-bits she went into worldwide syndication, and then a short spell in the Scottish Daily Record, who decided to ban her because of outrage from readers at her scanty attire and the naughty situations she was always finding herself in. How times have changed…