Football For Friendship Song & Video

Football for Friendship Anthem

Returning from St Petersburg, Russia, in 2017, having created my cartoon characters Freddy and Frieda for the Football for Friendship international social programme for children around the world, sponsored by Gazprom, I had the idea of writing a football anthem for the programme.

I already had the melody in my head so I sat down and wrote the words to it. AGT agency, Moscow, headed by Vladimir Serov, loved the idea so I went ahead and produced the record, with the help of Helen Cooper, who assisted me with some of the notation, and Mick Wilson a well-known professional musician in his own right, who produced the record. The brilliant result you now hear. It was very exciting for me to be in Moscow in the summer of 2018, for its premiere.

Currently working on a new song.

Football for Friendship – Lyrics

Football for Friendship
We can change the world
Football for Friendship
For every boy and girl

We are a family
With values all the world can see

(Childen chant the Friendship values)
Friendship! Fairness! Equality!
Health! Peace! Devotion! 
Victory! Traditions! Honour!

We keep these values in our hearts
To give young lives the best of starts
And make our world a better place
That touches all the human race

Football for Friendship
Is the goal we want to score
Football for Friendship
Makes us friends for ever more

Bill Asprey